100% Accuri OTG Goggles (Over the Glasses)





One of the most popular off-road goggles on the market, the 100% Accuri Goggle is right at home on the trail and in the mud.  With a super-strong yet flexible urethane frame, the Accuri goggles are comfortable and functional.  The Lexan lens easily deflects debris, and it's anti-fog and anti-scratch properties mean that you won't end up with obstructed vision out on the trail.

The OTG product line is specially designed to fit OVER your every day glasses.

The lens shape is standard across the 100% line of products, which means that you can easily swap lenses and tear-offs among any of them.  3-layer foam ensures a comfortable fit during the toughest of rides, and the oversized 45mm strap keeps the goggles tightly mounted out on the trail.

The features are jam-packed in these great all-around goggles, for a price that fits just about any budget.    

  • Shares the same lens and tear-off profile as all other 100% goggles
  • Triple-layer foam wicks sweat and stays comfortable against skin
  • Urethane frame stays durable and flexible
  • Lexan lens is anti-fog and scratch resistant
  • Oversized 45mm silicone strap holds goggles firmly against helmet
  • Curved frame promotes comfort and a proper fit
  • Models with a tinted lens include an extra clear lens


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