100% Accuri Forecast Film System Goggles

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The 100% Accuri Forecast Film System Goggles come equipped with an anti-fog, scratch resistant Polycarbonate lens for unimpaired vision.  Constructed from the most durable but still flexibale Urethane, the frame won't crack under pressure.  Moisture-managing triple layer foam keeps your mind in the game in comfort.  Prebuilt to tackle the muddiest conditions.  

Oversized 45mm silicon coated strap holds your goggles in place during the toughest of rides.  Shares the same lens shape across the product line, making changes quick and easy.  Curved fitment suited for comfort.   

The Accuri Goggle can silently help you focus on your competition, enabling you the opportunity to leave it all on the track.  Includes mud flap, two rolls of film and a sublimated microfiber bag.

100%, the Spirit of Racing.

Lens color:  Clear
Frame color:  available in two competition-ready colors.