100% Accuri Forecast Film System - Add-On

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This revolutionary new film system offers the largest field of clear vision in motocross. The FORECAST is a complete system comprised of working parts that function seamlessly together resulting in the smoothest operating film system today.

By designing a complete system, 100% was able to engineer components that work together in unison to fight out the elements. Wider film, smoother pulls, and an advanced cleaning system contribute to achieving 100%’s goal of providing the maximum amount of vision in moto.

  • Low-profile system maintains goggle shape and locks into existing lens channel.
  • 45mm wide film provides the maximum amount of vision in MX.
  • Self-cleaning canister with integrated film wipe reduces mud build up.
  • 9 pin retention system locks the Forecast into place and provides a tight seal to keep out the elements.
  • Transparent film canisters provide an easy view of remaining film available.
  • Smooth rolling drawstring for easy pulling.
  • Film exits closer to the lens to reduce dirt from entering the main view.
  • Compatible with 100% Racecraft, Accuri, and Strata goggles.

    Complete film system including frame.
    SVS embossed lens with integrated clear mud visor.
    2 rolls of 45mm film.
    Microfiber storage and cleaning bag.