How Do The Powersport Freaks UTV Giveaways Work?

Since 2017, Powersport Freaks has been giving away custom-built UTV's & ATV's to winners across the country.  In fact, we've awarded over $180,000 in prizes as of April 2019!   Every three months, we build a custom ride in our shop, document it on Facebook & YouTube, and give it away to one very lucky winner.  We've partnered with industry leaders like Super ATV, Double OTT UTVA, Gator Waders, Demon Powersports, Polaris, and more, to bring you some truly awesome rides every few months. 

The Powersport Freaks guys have been around cars, bikes, & off road vehicles their whole lives.  Passion drives what we do here, and every product & service we provide.  One of our goals has always been to spread the love of off-roading with as many people as possible, and show the nation that yes - you CAN build awesome side-by-sides and ATV's in your garage and go riding the very next day.  And for the lucky winners of our Ultimate Trail Giveaways, we have the amazing opportunity to build & deliver their dream ride right to their door!    Even still, lots of people ask, is the Powerport Freaks Giveaway a scam?  This article will address that question!

powersport freaks past winners

How Do I Enter the Powersport Freaks Giveaways?

There's a couple of ways to enter our sweepstakes giveaways.  

Via VIP Membership
VIP's get all sorts of monthly perks:

  • Deep store discounts for gear & parts.  The savings from just one purchase of gear or ATV/UTV parts a month can pay your entire VIP membership fee!
  • Exclusive product offers
  • Monthly newsletter containing the latest industry news, mudding / racing events, PSF updates, and more
  • Weekly giveways only for VIP's!  Every week we give away cash, gear, or parts to one lucky VIP.  
  • 20 entries every month to WIN our custom UTV giveaways!

Via Store Purchase
Grab some gear & get entered to WIN!

  • T-shirts, hoodies, hats
  • Accessories, mugs, glasses 
  • UTV & ATV parts, tools & more
  • Every $5 in your order = 5 more entries to WIN!


powersport freaks vip members

Is the Powersport Freaks Sweepstakes a Scam?

 We get this question alot.  And we don't blame you - lots of the time, things that seem too good to be true, are exactly that.  Lots of people think that our giveaways are a scam, illegal, or that we just do them to spam people.  Luckily for everyone, none of the above are true!  Quite the opposite - we pride ourselves on running a 100% compliant & legal giveaway.  We consider our customers & fans to be part of our extended family, and we take our integrity very seriously.  Over the years, we've found that most people who assume that Powersport Freaks is a scam, assume the following:

1.  Nobody actually wins

  • In order to be convinced that yes, all of our giveaways have winners, we have to discuss sweepstakes law in the US & Canada.  The short version is, if we publicized high-dollar giveaways such as ours and did NOT actually give away the vehicles, we'd be breaking numerous federal gaming laws. 

    In reality, every single giveaway we do is individually registered, bonded, and insured.  We work with a 3rd party sweepstakes administrator, American Sweepstakes & Administration, to administer our giveaways.  This independent legal firm writes our giveaway official rules, makes sure we're licensed & bonded where required for each giveaway, and selects our winners using a randomized selection process.  American Sweeps administers similar giveaways for John Deere, Wendy's, Ferrari, Hersheys, Walmart, and many others - and they too pride themselves on integrity and honesty in the sweepstakes industry.  That's why we work with them!

    It would not only be dishonest for us to run a scam giveaway, it would be highly illegal.  We have no interest in skirting the law when we have so many avid supporters & customers who are like family to us.  Plus, the best part of our job IS actually giving away our custom UTVs!

custom lifted defender max super atv powersport freaks

2.  People win, but they're all related or have insider knowledge

  • This is another common comment on our ads and posts.  On the contrary - the winners selection for each of our giveaways is done completely randomly, via a computerized random selection process.  In fact, we at Powersport Freaks have no control over who enters or wins our giveaways.  The winners are not related, friends, friends of friends, or insiders.  Anything to do with that is highly illegal, and there's just no reason for it.  The process is simple:

    1.  After each sweepstakes period, we send ALL entries to American Sweeps, our 3rd party sweepstakes administrator.
    2.  They enter all of the entries into a computerized randomizer. 
    3.  A winner is chosen completely randomly by the computer system
    4.  We contact the winner to let them know they've won, and some paperwork is completed to verify they're eligible
    5.  The prize is delivered!

custom lifted pioneer 1000-5 utv giveaway

Do you really have winners?  

You better believe it!  As of April 2019, we've awarded 9 awesome ATV's & UTV's, most heavily customized, totaling over $180,000 in prize value!   We've traveled across the USA to deliver prizes to our winners.  And new for 2019, Canada is now eligible to enter & win as well!  Please see each giveaway's official rules for full eligibility details.

For winners that are too far for us to travel in person, we'll fly the winner in to the east coast to spend a day hanging out and checking out their new ride, and then ship the prize back home with them.  Flights, hotel, & vehicle transport is all on our tab! 

 In Conclusion

We hope that this short article helps to answer some of the more common questions about the Powersport Freaks giveaways.  The more popular we get, the more comments we seem to get asking about the legitimacy of our winners & sweepstakes.  So we wanted to clarify a few things, explain how the process works, and bring some transparency to a type of business that's been a mystery for far too long.  

Still have questions?  We'd love to answer them!  Reach out to us at any time.

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