Outdoor - Waterproof Bags & Cases

If you’re out on the water, you’re going to need to keep your electricals dry. A cell phone is pretty much no use at all once it’s been for a swim. Your box of matches and your food are going to be useless if they don’t stay dry. 

These camping waterproof bags and cases are ideal for keeping your most important belongings dry, working and usable. If it’s important enough to bring with you, then it’s absolutely important enough to keep it in a watertight bag. 

Available in a range of sizes and colours, our selection of drybags has what you need. From waterproof camera bags and waterproof cell phone bags to entire dry rucksacks and round-bottom dry bags.

Our round bottom dry bags work hard to keep your important possessions dry. With roll-top buckle fastenings to prevent any water ingression, whatever you choose to keep dry, whether it’s technology, underwear or money, will stay perfectly dry. 

At Powersport Freaks we only stock drybags that we trust and use ourselves. From big brands like Dry Pak and Mustang, our range of waterproof camping bags and cases are suitable for any activity in or around water. 

Packed with useful features like clear windows that let you see what’s inside the bag without having to open it, long-lasting and hard-wearing ripstop material and unique shapes to prevent your bags rolling around on the boat deck. 

For best results, make sure everything inside your drybags is dry and watertight before it goes in, to prevent any spilled water from inside. If your bags do fall in the water, we recommend getting them out as soon as possible but our bags will work hard to keep the water out for as long as possible. Prevent piercings and punctures of the bag which will impact how well the waterproofing works. 

Always clean and dry your waterproof bags and cases thoroughly after each use to prevent wear and tear to the materials.