Outdoor - GPS - Handheld

Handheld GPS devices help you find your way back, however far you’ve strayed from the beaten path. By connecting to satellites in order to use the Global Positioning System, a handheld GPS device is able to pinpoint your location with incredible accuracy. This is useful for navigating your way to or from somewhere, sharing your location with someone or for letting the emergency services know where you are. 

The Global Positioning System works to triangulate your position by calculating how long different satellites take to respond to your signal. If you’re hiking or backpacking in areas with unreliable, or non-existent, cell phone signal, make sure you take one of the best handheld GPS devices with you. 

At Powersport Freaks we carry a range of handheld GPS’, predominantly from the industry leaders in consumer GPS Garmin. Amazing personal GPS trackers like the Garmin eTrex range work hard to make sure you know your north from your south at all times.

Handheld GPS devices, whether or hiking, sailing or golfing, all work in very similar ways though we highly recommend getting familiar with your handheld GPS before you take it out into the wild. 

A handheld GPS is an invaluable tool for someone who spends their time exploring the great outdoors. With a compass, distance measurement functionality and pedometer to track your steps, you can get more out of your experience by being properly equipped.