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Stealth Tactical Backpack WITH Hydration Bladder
Stealth Tactical Backpack WITH Hydration Bladder
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Backpacks need to be lightweight, rugged and robust enough to carry all of your equipment, supplies, food and water without putting the strain on you. 

The weather isn’t always perfect, but this shouldn’t stop you getting out and about on your adventures. Take advantage of our rugged hiking rucksacks with completely waterproof compartments, big enough to store all the gear you need for a weekend’s hiking and more. 

Your backpack should sit flush along your back with no movement when you walk. Adjust where the backpack sits with the pull-cords on each strap so that the bag stays steady with each step. 

Any upward or downward bounce with each step puts strain on your shoulders, lower back and legs which will wear you out quicker. A great quality backpack for camping and hiking should feel like you’re not even wearing a backpack at all.

At Powersport Freaks we sell the best camping backpacks and rucksacks for outdoor activities. You might not find designer backpacks here but you will find long-lasting, hard-wearing rucksacks that work for you, from great names such as DryCASE and Plano.

Rucksacks are about more than just holding your belongings. With useful features that make these bags stand out, you’ll be glad you bought your hiking rucksack from Powersport Freaks. 

Enjoy features such as removable suction cup mounts for mounting to paddle board, kayak or car, along with drinks holders, padded supports and secure webbing designed for carabiners.

If your backpack gets wet, you need to know that your clothes, your fire-starting equipment and your technology are all safe and dry. Many of our bags offer a completely water resistant main compartment to give you time to quickly fish it out. 

For best results and to prevent mold build up in your bag, we recommend drying and airing it out between uses. Always check the label for instructions on washing your bag to maintain the quality.