Buy a PSF Cooler, Get a PSF Hat, Keychain, & Sunglasses for FREE

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Are you feeling cooped-up after this looooooong winter? 
Well you're in luck, because Powersport Freaks is here with the Six-Pack Solution!

What You'll Need:

*1 Powersport Freaks 6-Pack Cooler (to hold your favorite beverage)
*1 Powersport Freaks Keychain (to hold your keys, so you can lock and re-enter your home)
*1 Powersport Freaks Hat (so you can show everyone where you got all this sweet gear)
*1 Pair of Powersport Freaks Sunglasses (to keep you cool out in the world!)

This is extremely convenient because these are the exact same 4 products that we've included in this offer! Buy the cooler, get the hat, keychain & sunglasses for FREE!

Here's What You're Gonna Want To Do:

Take your cooler full of that delicious beverage for a trip to your buddy's house.

Next, you and your buddy crack open a couple of cold ones.

While you're kickin' back make sure to mention to your buddy that you got your awesome hat, keychain, & sunglasses for FREE when you bought the cooler you used to carry the drinks over for ONLY $25.00!

PLUS, you also earned 25 Entries to WIN the Powersport Freaks Custom Defender MAX!!!

-Oh, and if he asks "What's Powersport Freaks?"

...Then you'll probably realize he isn't such a good friend after all.

Anyway, that is the Six-Pack Solution to feeling cooped-up!

Please beverage responsibly...

Let's recap!
Take me up on this offer and get these 4 items!!!

ITEM #1:

  • Practical Zipper Cooler Bag
  • 8" x 4.5" x 6"
  • Reinforced Strap
  • Rectangular cube design
  • Inner white cool insulation
  • 6.625”(W) x 4”(H) front open pocket
  • Hand Wash only


Our MOST popular hat in the store!  You guys love this snapback trucker hat with the famous PSF logo.  Foam body, structured bill, and mesh back will make you wonder why you've ever worn any other hat.


  • Black anodized aluminum
  • Custom laser-engraved with the Powersport Freaks logo
  • Engraved logo won't chip or fade with use
  • Comes with key ring


  • Black tinted lenses
  • Custom printed with the Powersport Freaks logo on both sides
  • UV400 Protection
  • CE Rated

This promo is for a LIMITED-TIME only, so grab it now.

Powersport Freaks

P.S. Don't forget that you'll get 25 entries to win This Bada$$ UTV.